Robby Bolt - The Mental Tower


ROBBY BOLT - THE MENTAL TOWER is a brain game for android, developed by TooJooGoo in 2017.
Object of the game is to break a way out of each level of the mental tower. A level is a grid of 25 squares, also called fields. Two of them are the portal-fields. These must be linked up. When linked up correctly the gamer earns IQ points, which raise the mental grade. The gamer may advance to a higher level. When gained the seventeenth grade, the grade of a GRANDMASTER, the gamer can unlock the EYRIE of the mental tower to solve the hardest puzzle of all: The RIDDLE OF THE EAGLE. The game rules are very simple, but the level of difficulty is rising fast. The game has a technical and sober flair and targets a rather academic audience. The application is available in many languages on various devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

See the short video tutorial about Robby Bolt on YouTube.